Episode #34: Dr. Dean Radin on Psychic Research & Real Magic

Dr. Dean Radin is the chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International. He's also a prolific author, and stopped by the podcast to talk about his new book, Real Magic - which includes really boring topics such as telepathy, psychics, spirituality, aliens, and more. Don't miss this one!

Dean's New Book Real Magic

Episode #33: Filmmaker Bill Bennett

Film Maker Bill Bennett heard a voice while driving early one morning. The voice told him to slow down - he did, and it literally saved his life. He went on to travel the world learning about intuition, which lead to the creation of the film PGS - Intuition Is Your Personal Guidance System, and he's here to share his story.

Join us for this episode as we dive into the creation and purpose behind the film--and a deep conversation about intuition.


Episode #32: The Power of Love with Scott Stabile

Author of Big Love, Scott Stabile, sits down with Cody and David to talk about the process of moving from tragedy to love. After experiencing his own tragedies, from losing his parents to murder, his brother to drugs, and escaping from a cult, Scott's transformation, and ability to forgive is inspiring and healing for anyone who listens to his message of LOVE.

"I adore and admire everything Scott Stabile creates." Elizabeth Gilbert.


Big Love, By Scott Stabile

Scott's Facebook

Episode #31: Mythologist and Author Devdutt Pattanaik

Have you ever wondered about what the conversation between Alexander The Great and a yogic master would be like? Mythologist, author, and  presenter of the popular Ted Talk, Myths That Mystify, Devdutt Pattanaik is here to share that story, and his incredibly insightful version of it. Having authored 30 books and over 600 articles, Devdutt is a cross between a walking mythological encyclopedia and a modern day Joseph Campbell. Buckle up, because there is a lot of wisdom in this interview to digest.


Ted Talk: East VS West, Myths That Mystify

Awakening to Energy Course

Episode #30: The Science of Happiness with Dan Lerner

Speaker, author, and consultant, Dan Lerner, is on a quest to understand how people perform at the highest levels in any chosen field, while also cultivating a nourishing, spacious and joyful life. He teaches the largest elective class at NYU called, "The Science of Happiness." Come listen to his contagious enthusiasm for life.


U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (and Life)

Episode #29: Maddy Moon on Growth and Overcoming Body Image

Prolific author, podcaster, and transformational coach, Maddy Moon, joins David & Cody for a deep conversation about her own journey overcoming body image issues, social programming, and limitations to create a life full of self-love and acceptance.


Mind Body Musings Podcast

Confessions of a Fitness Model

Freeing Your Feminine Spirit

Episode #26: Mind, Meditation & Genetics with Dr. Dawson Church

Best selling author and researcher, Dr. Dawson Church, swings by the Energy Matters podcast to have a deep discussion about his work on epigenetics, meditation, and his upcoming book Mind to Matter. Dr. Church is also the founder of the National Institute of Integrative Healthcare, and editor of Energy Psychology Journal.




Episode #24: Michael Tamura, Spiritual Teacher & Author

Energy Matters is back for 2018 with legendary spiritual teacher, healer and author of 'You Are The Answer," Michael Tamura. In this special extended episode Michael walks us through his early childhood experiences of being intuitive and aware of energy, and into his deepest teachings about life and death (not without a few good laughs along the way of course).