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Episode #47: Marc Lesser on Mindful Leadership and Teaching at Google

Creator of Google’s mindfulness Search Inside Yourself program, and author of Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader, Marc Lesser sits down to talk about what it was like spending 10 years in a Zen monastery, getting an MBA, and going into business and teaching meditation. We also discuss the characteristics of a mindful leader. Marc’s kindness and authentic energy is healing and awakening. Check it out!

Episode #46: Katie Dalebout on Writing, Podcast, & Expressing Your Deepest Self

Writer and podcaster Katie Dalebout stopped by the podcast to share her incredible wisdom on living an authentic life, expressing yourself naturally in the world, and writing as a form of processing.

We hit topics like getting past the diet culture, meditation, being confident with expressing emotions in the world, writing and journaling, podcasting, and enjoying life.

Book: Let It Out by Katie Dalebout

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