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    What our listeners say...

    Really enjoy listening to Cody and Dave’s insight and experiences. I’ve heard some insightful interviews that were very helpful to me in different aspects of my life.
    This podcast is full of energy and wisdom. David and Cody cover deep topics and always have a laugh. I can’t wait for more episodes!
    Do yourself a favor and turn off the incessant chatter of drama in you mind and turn on these podcasts. Inspiring truths with practical application...along with a sense of humor. Allow yourself the ability to pacify and enliven your mind at the same time.


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    Meet the hosts of Energy Matters


    Cody Edner

    "To be grounded with your metaphysical abilities is very important if you are going to put your gifts to good use."


    David Gandelman

    "Meditation isn’t just about unplugging from life. It’s about cultivating self-awareness, and understanding who you are from the inside out.