Cody Edner

Founder - IntuitiveVision™

Cody Edner has been teaching meditation and intuitive awareness for over 30 years. He is the founder of, co-host of the Energy Matters podcast, and currently travels and teaches advanced intuitive training programs, workshops and seminars. He is also the former director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute of Santa Rosa and Aesclepion Wellness Center.

Cody first awakened to his intuitive gifts when he was 14 years old while watching his aunt receive a psychic reading. He suddenly realized that he was “reading along” with the psychic, having the same awareness and insights as the reader. After that experience, Cody began to study meditation and metaphysics deeply. Even today, he continues to explore, learn and teach about what it means to be psychic.

Cody is an intuitive reader, healer and medium with 30+ years’ experience. He has done tens of thousands of energy readings & healings and taught thousands more to meditate and tap into their intuitive abilities. He currently spends his time between Colorado Springs and Leadville, Colorado.

If you would like to contact Cody about coming to teach a workshop, seminar, retreat or create an ongoing program please e-mail To Schedule a private session for an intuitive reading or healing please click here.